Chapter 22
1-22-2: PURPOSE:
1-22-6: OWNERSHIP:

1-22-1: DEFINITIONS:linklink

For the purpose of constructing and applying this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings herein ascribed to them:

DONATION: Any monetary or in-kind donation, devise or bequest to the village of Riverside.

ESTABLISHED FUNDRAISING EFFORTS: Includes donations extended to recurring annual events, in-kind donations associated with annual events, or donations for the maintenance and upkeep of donated materials by the original donor, such as, but not limited to, the Riverside Independence Day celebration, and the annual cooperative tree planting program.

GIFTING LIST: A list of items identified annually by department heads and presented as donation suggestions for potential donors.

IN-KIND DONATION: Services, labor or real or personal property.

MONETARY DONATION: Includes cash or a check, money order or other negotiable instrument.

VILLAGE MANAGER: Includes the village manager of the village of Riverside or his or her designee, such as department heads. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)
1-22-2: PURPOSE:linklink

To establish policy and procedures for the acceptance of monetary and in-kind donations, devises, or bequests from private citizens, business groups or other organizations. Considerations include the use of the donation, restrictions associated with the donation, costs associated with and effective use of the donation. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)

(A) All donations shall be directed in writing to the village manager or his/her designee. Department heads are responsible for informing the village manager of all proposed donations. The village manager must be consulted prior to the acceptance of any donation, unless the donation falls under the village's established fundraising efforts, wherein the department head is authorized to accept the donation, but is still required to notify the village manager of the donation receipt.

(B) The village of Riverside treasurer is authorized and directed to establish such funds and accounting procedures as may be necessary to carry out the terms and conditions of any donation, devise or bequest, in accordance with the laws of the state of Illinois and requirements of the office of the state auditor.

(C) All labor contracts or purchased services will be acquired by the village under village purchasing rules and authorities to protect the village and to also capture the advantages of the village's tax exempt status.

(D) All materials, products, or things (i.e., plants) will be acquired by the village under village purchasing rules and authorities to protect the village and to also capture the advantages of the village's tax exempt status. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)

(A) If a donation is to be used on a project budgeted in the year in which the donation is received or on a project consistent with the village's gifting list, the village manager is authorized to accept all unrestricted donations, whether solicited or not, and to carry out the terms of the donation, devise or bequest, provided that the purposes and conditions of the donation are within the powers granted by law to the village. If no terms or conditions are attached to the donation, devise or bequest, the village may expend or use the same for any municipal use.

(B) With respect to all other donations, village manager shall review and analyze the appropriateness, usefulness and value to the village of the donation, whether solicited or not, and to recommend to the board of trustees the retention, modification, rejection, or other disposition of the donation. The village board will determine whether, and on what terms and conditions to accept or reject the donation.

(C) The village manager may decline to accept a donation if such donation is not consistent with the policies, plans, goals or ordinances of the village of Riverside or the acceptance of same is contrary to law. When a donation is denied, the village manager will provide notice to the village board indicating a donation was not accepted together with an appropriate explanation.

(D) The village manager shall notify the board of trustees of all accepted or rejected donations.

(E) All donations and the generosity of the donors will be recognized formally in a letter from the department head, the village manager, and/or the village board or village president with an appropriate receipt which will be in a form and contain the information necessary for the donor to use for income tax purposes. Within the letter, the donor will be instructed to contact the village manager in writing should they have any questions or concerns regarding their donation.

(F) The Riverside historic commission acceptance or declination of gifts shall be guided by their policy on retention and gifts. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)

Established fundraising efforts, which are implicitly authorized in the annual budget process, will be specifically coordinated and managed by the appropriate department. Department heads are required to notify the village manager of all gifts and follow standard donation administration, as specified in section 1-22-3 of this chapter. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)
1-22-6: OWNERSHIP:linklink

Any donations to the village become the property of the village. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)
1-22-7: VILLAGE GIFTING LIST:linklink

Annually, the village of Riverside will generate a gifting list. The list is a collection of items needed by each department and presented as donation suggestions to potential donors. Donors may then make a donation towards the purchase of an item of their choice. If a donor is unable to provide full funding for the entire purchase price of the item, the donation is subject to consideration by the village manager. The village manager will determine if the donation is sufficient and ensure that the balance paid by the department does not create unnecessary fiscal pressure on the department or the village. (Ord. 2515, 12-20-2004)