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A true commitment to your code.

— Since 1954 —

We take great pride in the details.

We are hard-wired to produce perfection, questioning things that others may let pass. It’s all in an effort to deliver accuracy. To deliver it polished. And deliver it with pride.

Codification is a collaboration, and all of our clients will attest to Sterling’s dedication to this approach.

  • Analysis from every angle
    No less than 5 employees review each ordinance.

  • Continuity through collaboration
    We’ve been providing seamless code maintenance for over 55 years.

  • Every word. Every reference.
    Every punctuation mark.

    We focus on every detail and make no assumptions.

“I am a municipal attorney and have represented municipal clients for over 20 year. In doing so I have had the pleasure of dealing with Sterling Codifiers and I can absolutely state they have my highest trust in doing the job and doing it well. The product given is of the highest quality as well as being easy to use and navigate – a great benefit not only to the municipal staff but the residents as well. Sterling customer service is excellent and I can say I have never had an issue which was not resolved quickly and professionally. I will continue to recommend to my clients Sterling Codifiers for all codification needs.”

-Erik Peck, City Attorney, Countryside, IL

“The City of Caldwell has used the services of Sterling Codifiers for several years. We are totally pleased with the prompt and accurate services they provide the City of Caldwell concerning the compilation of our City Code. The on-line availability of the Code is of great assistance for our citizens and staff as a quick reference tool. Beyond these features, the staff members at Sterling Codifiers are very accommodating, competent and professional. We truly appreciate this company!”

-Debbie Geyer, City Clerk, City of Caldwell, ID

“Rob Rollins and the staff at Sterling Codifiers are absolutely wonderful to work with! Rob knows who you are and always asks how everything is going and wishes you a great day! When there is an issue, whether ours or theirs (rarely), he immediately addresses and promptly responds. We have been extremely pleased with Sterling’s website, which I personally use at least several times each day. It is very easy to work with allowing us to insert links directly to the specific Section of Code into emails for residents, developers, real estate brokers, attorneys, etc., instead of cutting and pasting, editing, etc. and saves a lot of time.

Countless times the staff at Sterling have caught omissions and discrepancies in our ordinances and are truly dedicated towards the goal of providing the most comprehensive and accurate Village Code for Oak Brook. Thank you all for your diligence and hard work.”

-Rose Kane, Senior Administrative Assistant, Oak Brook, IL

“Sterling Codifiers are great to work with and always professional. We have used their service for over 12 years and they continue to exceed expectations.”

-Kent Jones, County Clerk, Summit County, UT

“The change to Sterling Codifiers has been a good move for the City of Clive. We are very satisfied with the services provided and the entire conversion to Sterling went seamlessly. The expertise and responsiveness of staff is top notch. Sterling’s attention to detail is second to none.”

-Joyce Cortum, City Clerk, Clive, IA

“I have been associated with Sterling Codifiers for 25 years, working within three different cities within municipal government. I feel that Rob Rollins and his Staff continually have the utmost best interest of the City in mind when they review what was sent to them for codification. It’s not just a cut and paste process like so many of those vendor/products being advertised for much less cost. I have not seen a price increase from Sterling in a century; it comes down to whether a City desires accuracy and a detailed ordinance review. I prefer accuracy and a reasonable price; so I have chosen Sterling.”

-Cindi Mansell, City Recorder, Salt Lake City, UT

New Codes & Supplements

  • Content review of legislation for provisions that are conflicting, duplicated, inconsistent, obsolete or contain vague language.
  • A check of statute references for current regulations.
  • Publication in a uniform, professional format.

Hard Copy Services

  • Supplement distribution directly to individual departments.
  • Private subscriber supplement distribution.
  • Booklets of specifically requested titles for departmental use or resale to the public.

About Us

Sterling Codifiers is now in its 3rd generation as a family owned company, with Rob Rollins and his wife Jill as the current owners.

We understand that municipalities may not have enough time in the day or the resources to keep their code up to date. Well, we take all of this off your plate, and assume this integral part of a municipality’s day-to-day operations. It’s what we’ve been doing, with great success, for over 55 years.

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